How to Add your Store to Your


How to Add your Store to Your

You can add your own store to your page to sell your products more effective.

How to Add your Store to Your

Find the “Store” tab on your dashboard and click on it. You will see the “STORE SETTINGS” section and the product’s link field.


You can change the name of your store in the “Store Name” field, add the link to your store in the “Store Link” field, choose different colors of the background and font for your “Store” button.

To add the “Store” button on your public page you should follow next steps:

  1. Navigate to the product’s link field
  2. Add the existing link to your product
  3. Click on the “+ Add Product” button

You will see the product section under the product’s link field and the “Store” button on your


In the product section you can upload an image of your product, set a price, choose a currency, edit your product’s link, hide the product from your public store, hide a price on your public store and delete the product.


Visitors may see your product in the section that appears after clicking on the “Store” button page!

After clicking on the product they will be redirected to your product’s page.

You can have as many products as you want.

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