How to manage multiple accounts? Agency Feature!


You can have more than one registered to the same email address, and easily switch between the accounts that you manage.To manage multiple admins is by using our Agency feature, which is available on PRO plan. This feature will allow you to log in to a page and easily switch between the accounts that you own. Please note, the account that you choses as an admin will be the account that you manage both accounts from.

Agency offer!

If you’re ready to sign up for multiple PRO accounts, please get in touch with us via We offer flexible pricing starting from as little as 3+ accounts.

On top of all of our advanced PRO features, you will be able to:

Agency offer! Easily create & manage all your accounts in one place under a single login;

Agency offer! Share your account anywhere with anyone: clients, partners, business divisions;

Agency offer! Pay for all of your accounts with a single invoice;

Agency offer! Cross sell and offer to your portfolio clients & partners and much more.

If you need any help, please contact our customer support team via the live website chat or



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