How charities can use


How charities can use

We love being able to support sharing the mission of charities and non-profit organizations doing good work!

There are several benefits to using for charities and raising funds. has the power to boost the success of your charity or non-profit organization – both financially and in impact.

Great charities profiles

Use for your charity or non-profit organization to:

Show the positive work done by the charity in a beautiful way.

A charity’s online presence can be greatly enhanced with a slick design and powerful call to action. has a lot of customization possibilities for your profile (colors, themes, backgrounds, shapes, and fonts can all match your vibes). Think about how many links you’ll want to include and what visual elements you’d like to include. The possibilities are endless!

Drive traffic to the charity website.

All charities rely on the generosity and engagement of their audience to achieve their vital mission. Therefore, is a great way to drive traffic to the charity website and link out to specific fundraising campaigns. Also, you can use Earn Feature which allows you to make money – in a hassle-free, effective and stable way. has partnered with Google to allow anyone to earn money by showing ads on the page. Anyone can switch on Earn Feature to start showing ads on their page. Therefore, your charity will make money whenever someone clicks the ads.

Keep followers up to date with happenings.

By storing all of the important in one link in your bio, your visitors can easily navigate to various campaigns, information, and funding opportunities. Once you’ve decided which links you’d like to be a permanent fixture, then you can also add links that relate to more temporary content. Here are some ideas for your links:

  1. Our story;
  2. Our charities programs;
  3. Donate form;
  4. Upcoming events;
  5. Contact us;
  6. Volunteer with us;
  7. Become a member;
  8. Social media icons;
  9. Sign up for our email newsletter.

Encourage donations and raise money through the link in your bio.

Using our Ecommerce feature you can start raising money for your charity. It currently allows you to:
– Create a Payment form (here you can sell some service for a certain $ amount);
– Create a Donation form (here you can add options and/or allow the donator to enter a custom amount to donate). commerce links have no additional fees. That’s right: receiving donations, tips, or payments for requests or services costs you absolutely nothing.

Learn everything you need to know here.

And the most important thing – we respect and admire the great work that is done by charities, so we’re offering charities a Pro account for free! You just need to have an existing free account.

Let’s take a look at some of the great charities profiles out there.

And if you know of a charity that could benefit from a free PRO, let us know!

Also, if you need some help using features please reach out to! We want to hear from you!



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