October features release on HeyLink.me!


October features release on HeyLink.me!

There are only a few HeyLink.me updates this month, but they’re big ones:

Added Shortcut for pages. We enabled the Shortcuts panel which will appear during the scrolling of your page. You can turn it ON or OFF. PRO customers can display messages & signups as shortcuts.

Added new types of Signups: SMS and WhatsApp. You can add an SMS & WhatsApp Signup form to your HeyLink.me so your visitors can easily signup!

Added NFT Gallery links (OpenSea & Rarible). Now you can add OpenSea and Rarible galleries using MetaMask wallet integration (more integrations coming soon!).

Added Bank links (Australia only). Now you can add Australian bank details to your HeyLink.me page (more countries coming soon!).

If you have any questions, please contact us via social media or emailing team@heylink.me.


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