Someone is taken my brand name on What should I do?


Someone is taken my brand name on What should I do?

We take complaints of IP (Intellectual Property Rights) infringement really seriously and we’ll remove content on if we have information that clearly shows the content infringes another person’s IP rights.

If you think someone is taking your brand name on, follow the next steps:

1. Please provide proof of ownership:

  • Registered Trademark (examples are brand names, logos, or slogans);
  • Registered Domains.

Please note, that incomplete or incorrect information may prevent us from properly considering your complaint.

2. Contact and our tech guys will help you with this issue. Once we receive all information, we’ll assess it and, we may take down the allegedly infringing content (which means we have to take down the profile).

We receive 1000s of requests per day. So, we strongly encourage you to upgrade to our PRO annual plan for the fastest resolution time as PRO requests are prioritized.

Read more about PRO here:

If you need some help using features please reach out to, live chat, or Instagram DM.


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