Product Update: Ecommerce feature


Product Update: Ecommerce feature

New super useful feature is now released on – Ecommerce feature!

Ecommerce feature currently allows you to:

  • Create Payment form (here you can sell some service for a certain $ amount);
  • Create Donation form (here you can add options and/or allow donator to enter custom amount to donate).

Both have pretty similar options which you can setup on-the-fly without need to press “Save” button.

Earn feature available under all plans (STARTER and PRO).

In order to use our Commerce Link, which includes features such as Donation Form and Payment Form, you will need to add a payment provider.
To set up a payment provider, follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your Admin;
  • Navigate to “Settings” tab to connect a payment provider and click on the “Add Payment Provider” button;
  • In the Pop-up select your provider;
  • Select the country and currency of your provider account and then click “Next”;
  • Authorize payment provider by clicking the “Connect on existing Stripe account” or “Create a new Stripe account” button;
  • You will be taken to a page to sign in to your selected payment provider account;
  • Add a Title for your payment provider;
  • You are all set to create your link and collect payments.

How to add a Donation Form:

  • Log in to your Admin;
  • Click on the “Add Commerce Link” button and click on the “Tips & Donation” option;
  • Write link description;
  • Choose the amounts to display;
  • Make additional settings;
  • Activate your Donation form using the switcher;
  • Your Donation Form will now be live on your page.

The Donation feature looks like a regular button at first glance on your page, but once your visitors click on it, instead of sending them to another web page, it opens up an input field.

How to add a Payment Form:

  • Log in to your Admin;
  • Click on the “Add Commerce Link” button and click on the “Payment Form” option;
  • Add link description;
  • Enter an amount and your request options;
  • Turn on the switcher if you need to include donation goal, tax or purchaser details;
  • Add a Thank you message;
  • Activate your Payment Form using the switcher;
  • Your Payment Form is now active on your page.

We would love to hear more from you and how you’d like to use your Ecommerce feature. Start earning with today!

If you have any questions, please contact us via social media or emailing



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