HeyLink.me Women of 2021


HeyLink.me Women of 2021

Because there are so many extremely amazing women in our HeyLink.me community, who inspire us every single day, we want to honour them and tell about their work in the verge of International Women’s Day!

HeyLink.me Women of 2021
HeyLink.me Women of 2021

Olga @olya_oleinikova has to be one of the most inspiring and energized women on this list. She’s a true multi-hyphenate: she’s a university lecturer, entrepreneur, mum, wife, product builder and mentor. And HeyLink.me Co-Founder:)

Olga is the face of VISA’s global female empowerment campaign. She holds numerous awards, including Forbes Top 40 Global Ukrainians, Forbes 30 Under 30 in Asia and Anthill hot young Australian entrepreneurs.

She started her professional career in Ukraine, where she worked for over five years in consumer research, driving consumer insights for big FMCG brands through TNS Global. Also, prior to becoming a startup founder (she is coming to Australia in 2012), Olga worked in social research projects across industry, government and non‑profit sectors.

Olga is driven by a desire to inspire people to make unconditional choices and do what they love without any barriers.

Passion for innovation, female and economic empowerment is what motivates me to bring value to our small businesses and brands, as well as continue lecturing at university,” she says.

HeyLink.me Women of 2021

Katya @katyakomarovaofficial was one of the most in-demand models in Moscow, travelling to different countries all around the world (Katya was born and raised in Russia). During her travels around Thailand in 2010, she met a local artisan, who taught her how to make a leather bracelet. When she returned home to Russia, she toyed with the idea, crafting a number of leather bags. But only when a designer friend of hers used her bags in his runway during a fashion week that she realised this is what she wanted to do.

In 2013, Katya relocated to Australia for love. She launched her namesake label in 2014 presenting limited edition capsule collections. Today, the Katya Komarova brand is focussed on minimal, feminine, versatile leather goods of the utmost quality.

The moment you land on the Bags & more by Katya Komarova brand HeyLink.me page, you can read a blog post, click through to their homepage, or browse their awesome products.

I love the simplicity and functionality of HeyLink.me. And, obviously, it’s very affordable and completely free, to be exact:). It’s easy to change links on the go. Very happy with it. Thank you for the great product” – said Katya about our tool.

HeyLink.me Women of 2021

Madison @madisonjaye_specializes in spirituality, healing remedies, empath work and spiritual growth. Season two of her self titled podcast The Madison Jaye Show’s “Purples Season” reached 1.5 million worldwide within six short months reaching an international audiences of listeners in South Africa, United Kingdom, Peru, Mexico, Jamaica, Brazil and 64 additional countries.

With the success of her podcast Jaye has now 52 bloggers for her award winning Lifestyle Blog MadisonJaye.com (divisional website that specializes in spiritual healing, life guiding, and culture to its global audience).

Also, Madison is a 9 time award winning journalist.

Additionally, she has worked with the likes of Beyonce, Steve Harvey, and covered events for Oprah, Vogue Magazine, Rihanna, Khloe Kardashian, Queen latifah, & Rev Al Sharpton to name a few.

HeyLink.me Women of 2021

Jordi @itslikelymakeup is a professional makeup artist, beauty trendsetter, cruelty-free creator from Canada.

Jordi’s wonderfully honest and approachable tone of social media has earned her a really passionate and interactive audience.

HeyLink.me Women of 2021

Montana @montanalower is an environmental engineer by trade, a model and climate activist who recently launched Murals For Change, a not for profit that combines art, activism and mindfulness to inspire future leaders. She use collaborative murals and conscious workshops to show that you don’t have to be a professional or know exactly what you’re doing to make a difference – all you need is the courage to put your hand up and begin.

Also she is co-founder of Bluem – is a sustainable skincare brand built on a philosophy of clean beauty, transparency and integrity.

With her partner Tom and new born daughter Blue she practices bus living- travelling around Australia, guided by intuition.

HeyLink.me Women of 2021

Sarah @sarahhildebrand is a Malaysian model, actress, and television host. She began her acting career in 2015, with several minor television and film roles. Sarah has appeared in magazines such as InTrend, EH! and Hijabista.

Sara was the winner of Gadis M2 reality TV show in 2013. She also has made appearances in commercials and music videos, and made her acting debut in the television film Hujan Pagi.

HeyLink.me Women of 2021

Thais @thaistowersey is originally digital creator from Rio de Janeiro, but a passionate resident of São Paulo! She is 31 years old, is crazy about Asia continent, skincare and everything related to cats, after all, she is the mother of 4 of them:) She shares daily tips on Instagram, not only about travel, but every subject about the feminin universe.

The blog Guia Mundo Afora was born in mid 2013 with the purpose of not only sharing travel experiences but also inspire the desire to travel and to explore absolutely all styles: from concrete to mountain!

We’re really honoured to have such inspiring and lovely women amongst our HeyLink.me community – and we know there are many many more out there!

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