HeyLink.me for Podcasters: Meet Cool Podcasters From US


HeyLink.me for Podcasters: Meet Cool Podcasters From US

Today podcasts are more popular than ever. Over 55% of the US population have listened to a podcast in 2020. And around 24% of the US population (68 million) listen to podcasts weekly (according to Brandastic).

Did you know some of the US top podcasters use HeyLink.me?👏

Including Alicia Duque @the.alicia.show (the Alicia Show Podcast) and Tracyavon Ford @the_positiveprofessional (The Positive Professional Podcast).

“The Alicia Show Podcast” by Alicia Duque (Scranton, Pennsylvania).

“The Alicia Show Podcast” is dedicated to helping you feel good right now & provide you with ideas on how to fancy tackle anything coming your way! Podcast hosted by Mindset Coach and Social Media Uplifter Alicia Duque.

On her HeyLink.me Alicia link to her website, latest episode, the merch store and all social channels. Just 3 links keeps things focused!

Alicia about HeyLink.me: “HeyLink.me has been wonderful to show my following many other ways they can connect with me! I’m able to post all my other social sites and websites. HeyLink.me is super user friendly and has helped grow my following”.

And about future of podcasts: “I believe the future of podcasting will be the way to go. Just like major companies look for social media influencers to market their products, more and more I see premium networks will be looking for their next podcast stars”.

“The Positive Professional Podcast” by Tracyavon Ford (NYC).

The Positive Professional Podcast is a weekly sprinkle of positivity, self-care &wellness, mindfulness and guided meditations (streaming on all platforms including YouTube). Presented by Tracyavon Ford – Licensed Clinical Social Specialist.

The podcast uses HeyLink.me to direct the audience to The Positive Professional Wellness Blog, their book store, email signup, and social media pages. A really well-rounded HeyLink.me growing the The Positive Professional Podcast reach!

Tracyavon about HeyLink.me: “HeyLink.me has help me to grow my podcast audience and the customer service is amazing”.

Tracyavon about future of podcasts: “Podcasting gives everyone a voice, the future is bright and it is here to stay”.

If you’ve got a podcast, why not try out these features on your HeyLink.me:

  • Email Sign up – your followers can sign up from your HeyLink.me, without having to navigate away;
  • Priority Link – make sure your last link pops up with animation and buzz effects to grab attention;
  • Social icons – for your different social platforms and much more.

Any questions on how to use HeyLink.me? If you need some help please reach out to team@heylink.me!


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