Celebrate Festive Season: HeyLink.me Tips


Celebrate Festive Season: HeyLink.me Tips

It’s just over 2 weeks ’til the holidays!

Festive Season with HeyLink.me!

Our simple tips can help you and your brand have the most successful festive season yet:

  • Identify which holidays and events will captivate your audiences.

Try searching for events and holidays that are: relevant to your country or the countries in which you operate and relevant to your target audience.

  • Hit key emotions with your campaign. And tap into nostalgia.

Successful holiday marketing campaign should be an emotional one. Try focusing on feelings that fit with the distinct holiday like giving back, or gratefulness. Other emotions you can concentrate on are friendship, joy, being home for the holidays, etc. They will keep in mind this emotions, as they are shopping for family and friends.

Also you can design your holiday marketing campaign to tap into holiday nostalgia. Reflect about using black-and-white pictures, old-style fonts and nostalgic photos from times gone by. Whether you’re planning an in-store display or an online landing page, nostalgia can guide your holiday campaigns.

  • Сreate hype with relevant contests and giveaways.

Who doesn’t like free stuff, especially during the holiday? Using giveaways and contests you can get your target audience easily excited about the upcoming holidays and your brand. Try to find fun and creative ways to make the contest or giveaway around the holiday while keeping it relevant for your brand. Have your fans take pictures of themselves using your products or dressed up for Christmas, ask what them to submit their favourite Christmas recipes with your products and more.

  • Use your existing and different online channels.

Of all social networks, Pinterest and Instagram is probably the one that leads the pack regarding social channels that influence holiday purchases and where consumers are turning to for inspiration on what they want to have. From searching for gift ideas to creating boards filled with a wish list. Of course, don’t forget about influencers and old good email marketing.

  • Try video marketing.

There is no better way to communicate a holiday message than with video. A cute or funny holiday marketing video is a great opportunity for your businesses (especially for non-product-related like insurance and construction companies) to tap into the holiday season. As consumers love behind-the-scenes videos relating to their favorite brands. And it’s a good way to show the human face of your company.

Use these tips to make all of your holiday marketing dreams come true!

Our HeyLink.me team prepares for you a lot of updates and features. We’ve got new holiday themes (+ lots of customization updates like our new “Earn” and “Shop”) to keep your HeyLink.me looking fresh into 2020-2021 festive season. ⁣Check it now!

Celebrate Festive Season: HeyLink.me Tips

Hope you found our tips useful and implement it in your festive strategy! Feel free to ask us anything via team@heylink.me and create your HeyLink.me here.

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