Product Update: Earn Feature


New super useful feature is now released on – Earn feature, created to help you turn your traffic into money!

Earn feature available under all plans (free and paid PRO).

How It Works:

Estimated Earnings.

The user has the opportunity to see the dynamics of his earnings in comparison with previous periods, so that he can understand which of the strategies brings more profit.
For example: If you earned more this week than the previous one, then a green triangle is displayed indicating how much more you earned. If less, a red triangle is displayed.


This chart displays your current balance. Changes depending on receipts and payments.

Earning per Day.

This is a graph that displays earnings by day.

Your Earnings.

This is the scale of earnings. As soon as you collect $ 100, you have the opportunity to receive a payment.

Start earning money monetising your audience right now!

If you like anything to be added – please let us know via the live website chat or via We love feedback and adding new features!


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