Top Instagram Updates & Features in December


Top Instagram Updates & Features in December

Excited to see what’s coming our way this month? We’re even more excited to show you. Let’s jump in!


New “Collab” sticker.

All Insta stickers like “Donate”, “Challenge”, “Support” make your post catchy and draw the attention of other people before they scroll through your post. Also stickers add a fun factor to your photos and videos that you share with your friends.
Now, a new “Collab” sticker is most probably going to help users who make posts in collaboration with each other, or for people who collaborate with other organizations and facilities for some purpose, be it fundraising or advertisement.

“Interest search” feature.

Interest search is an internal functionality that lets you search topics or products on Instagram without a hashtag or account name. So if you want a list of top meat recipes, you can type in the words and Insta will bring up posts that are closely related to it.

Reels “Branded Content ” feature.

Branded Content ads in stories will now have tappable elements like “@” mention, locations and hashtags. Instagram will also introduce features for businesses to promote branded content posts with product tags.
Using new feature brands can get more value out of the content, enabling people to shop directly from creators. Until now, branded content ads could only be created by promoting the existing posts from creators.
Now the “Branded Content” feature is launching in Reels today and soon this feature will be available on Live too.

In-testing this month: New Stories feature.

Currently, when you react to a story, a message goes to the person whose Story on which you reacted. Now, Instagram is going to provide users the ability to react to Stories of others without having to send a message.
That’s it for December. Keep an eye out for next year’s Instagram updates.

What do you think? How do you feel about the updates we saw this month? Which is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments below!



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