You just upgraded to PRO! What’s next?


You just upgraded to PRO! What’s next? PRO plan!

Congrats with PRO! Now you have access to 15+ more features that will help you collect subscribers, own your brand and enable your to stand out. 

Here are several ways to make great use of your new PRO status, right now:

Customize your profile.

PRO accounts come with cool preset themes, like Starlight or Green Space, as well as more tools to choose your own button styles, fonts and backgrounds. Just head to the “Appearance” tab and explore your new options. This is the perfect way to make your own brand exclusive.


  • Custom avatars;
  • Cool preset themes;
  • New button styles and special buttons buzz effects;
  • Changing your button color;
  • Choosing new color background to suit your style, or upload an image or GIF;
  • Changing fonts and much more.
Customize your profile.

Get familiar with advanced analytics.

Take the next step in your journey by understanding how your audience is engaging with your – watch your analytics.


Lifetime Analytics:

This chart shows your total views, clicks, CTR (Click Through Rate) and unique visitors for the lifetime of your account. That is, from the very start of your until today. allows you to see analytics from last week to last 6 month.

Link Performance by Date:

This chart shows your total views, clicks and CTR for the date range selected (either 1 week or 1 month).

Top Links:

This chart shows your total clicks from each link.

Top Devices:

Mobile or desktop? Iphone or Samsung? You can now see what your visitors browse on in analytics. This chart shows your total views, total clicks and CTR, per device for the date range selected.

Top Countries and Cities:

This chart shows your total views, total clicks and CTR, per country for the date range selected. The location is based on the country your visitor was in when they visited your

Lifetime Analytics

Take your offline audience online with QR codes. 

Want to reach an even bigger audience? Download and add your new QR code to physical flyers, business cards, advertising – the sky’s the limit.

Lifetime Analytics

Set custom SEO

PRO access means you can adjust your SEO title and description, so that your is more clickable in search results. This is a perfect space to write something concise – that explains what to find on your

We’d love to see your – come and share it with us on social media. If you need some help using PRO features please reach out to!




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