Top updates in June!


Top updates in June!

So, without further due, let’s look at all the nifty features that we have rolled out recently. 

Added How To Guide page. We developed several how-to guides on how to use link in bio on various social media platforms and for diverse purposes. (URL:

How To Guide page.

SEO Boost. Do you want to boost your page SEO? Page SEO Boost feature allows you to improve your page SEO and increase its visibility and traffic from search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Naver, Yandex etc.).

SEO Boost

Added 11 new Social Networks: FanCentro, LoyalFans,, Fansly, Fanvue, iFans, Okfans, Fanso, FanTime, Boosty and Buy Me a Coffee.

11 new Social Networks.

We localized our website in the Japanese language. Now our website is accessible to everyone and offers content to users in 18 languages!

Japanese language.

Added 46 new template categories: Agency, Art & Design, Barbers, Commerce, Fashion, Health & Fitness, Food, Lifestyle, Photography and Real Estate.

  1. Agency: These templates can cater to various types of agencies, such as advertising, marketing, digital, or creative agencies. It can include sections highlighting services, client testimonials, team members, portfolio showcases, and more.
  2. Art & Design: These templates can showcase the work of artists, illustrators, graphic designers, and other creative professionals. It can include galleries of artwork, information about the artist, their process, and contact details for potential clients.
  3. Barbers: These templates can focus on barbershops and provide information about the services offered, pricing, barber profiles, appointment scheduling, and perhaps even a gallery of hairstyles or grooming tips.
  4. Commerce: These templates can be suitable for e-commerce businesses, featuring product listings, instant checkouts, reviews, and other elements necessary to promote your store.
  5. Fashion: These templates can target fashion designers, clothing boutiques, or fashion bloggers. It can showcase collections, lookbooks, fashion articles, styling tips, and commerce checkouts.
  6. Health & Fitness: These templates can cater to gyms, personal trainers, yoga studios, or wellness centers. It can include class schedules, trainer profiles, testimonials, fitness tips, nutrition information, and options for booking sessions or classes.
  7. Food: These templates can be suitable for restaurants, cafes, or food bloggers. It can include menus, online ordering, reservation systems, chef profiles, recipes, and vibrant food photography.
  8. Lifestyle: These templates can cover various aspects of lifestyle, such as travel, beauty, home decor, or personal development. It can include blog sections, product recommendations, travel itineraries, lifestyle tips, and more.
  9. Photography: These templates can cater to professional photographers or photography enthusiasts. It can showcase portfolios, galleries, different photography genres, contact information, and perhaps even options for selling prints.
  10. Real Estate: These templates can target real estate agents or agencies. It can include property listings, virtual tours, agent profiles, and contact forms for inquiries.
46 new template categories.
46 new template categories.

Added ability to subscribe to Agency Plan. We are excited to announce the introduction of the Agency Plan subscription. With an Agency account, you now have the capacity to manage multiple accounts, enhancing your flexibility and control.

Agency Plan.

Mobile App Links. We have relocated the mobile app links to our primary Links tab, providing a centralized location for better management and organization of your app links.

Mobile App Links.

Expanded functionality for the Commerce links. We added more enhanced options for configuring your commerce links. You can now customize the fields purchaser needs to enter. PRO users can customize title & colors; commerce link can now automatically expand when visitors arrive on your page.

 Commerce links.

Commerce links.

We drastically improved Advanced Links. Managing and creating all your page links has never been easier. Now you can do it all from one central location. We have carefully selected and organized various functionalities such as Links, Social, Content, Grow, Monetize, Music, Crypto, and Business. For example, if you are a business representative, simply navigate to the Business tab to access the specific tools and features tailored for your needs. For musicians, head over to the Music tab to find dedicated music features and tools.

Commerce links.
Advanced Links.

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Advanced Links.

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