May feature release on!


We are starting the week with the May feature release on in our blog!
So let’s dive in and take a close look at each one.

We have implemented a more convenient method for updating your PayPal card information. The new method for updating PayPal card information allows customers to quickly and easily update their card details from within their billing settings.

PayPal card information.

We localized our website in the Korean language.
Now our website is accessible to everyone and offers content to users in 17 languages!

Korean language.

Added 12 new Geometric themes. Head to your admin and choose new stunning Geometric themes for your page. These themes are available for PRO users.

12 new Geometric themes.

Added 2 new Happy Mother’s Day themes. These themes are available for PRO users. Head to your admin panel and choose yours!

2 new Happy Mother’s Day themes.

Added ability to subscribe to Agency Plan. We are excited to announce the introduction of the Agency Plan subscription. With an Agency account, you now have the capacity to manage multiple accounts, enhancing your flexibility and control.

2 new Happy Mother’s Day themes.

Mobile App Links. We have relocated the mobile app links to our primary Links tab, providing a centralized location for better management and organization of your app links.

2 new Happy Mother’s Day themes.

If you need any help please contact us via! Leave your comments below – we love to hearing from you!

2 new Happy Mother’s Day themes.

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