Guide: How to earn money as an influencer/content creator in 2023?


Guide: How to earn money as an influencer in 2023?

A career as an influencer/content creator can give you not just the freedom to express your creativity, but great money.

There are plenty of opportunities to earn money as an influencer/content creator in 2023.

Therefore learn more below and get started today:

1. Create online learning.

As an influencer/content creator in your specific niche, you can offer to your audience and sell social media online courses, teaching videos, how-to guides, individual lessons, a series of webinars for users on your own website, and much more. Notice: the first step to selling great online learning is to pay attention to what your audience wants, reach your audience is knowing where your audience goes for content and what insights they are looking for from you.


  • Сhoose the suitable topics (ask your audience directly);
  • Create quality course content (should offer more value than other similar courses in your niche do and should be fun and engaging);
  • Сhoose the right platform for promotion (with great multimedia support, including white labeling and cool user interface opportunities) or sell online learning on your own website;
  • Set a competitive price (do some competitive research and find out the prices of similar learnings and choose the right option for yourself according to the value you offer);
  • Promote your online learning.

2. Offer exclusive content and subscriptions.

Influencers/content creators can offer their audience exclusive photos & videos of behind-the-scenes life and work, discounts, or presents in exchange for a monthly fee.
For example, you may offer a free month of content for every 3 months that you subscribe.

3. Include ads in your content.

One more way to monetize content is to include different ads within different items such as videos on YouTube. Influencers/content creators can insert ads before, during, and after the video. In this way, you can earn funds based on the number of views, via click-throughs and the amount offered by different advertisers. It also will help you to attract people who are still unfamiliar with your work.

4. Collect donations.

If you are an influencer/content creator you can offer different digital products to your audience (software, photos, news pieces, voice-over scripts, social copy, e-books, etc) and make a great passive income. Therefore, you can monetize your work by accepting fan donations to support and reward you for all your creative work.

5. Use affiliate marketing.

In 2023, this is still one of the most popular ways to make money if you are a blogger.

Using affiliate marketing programs influencers /content creators can earn money by recommending products or services with a personalized code or URL. According to such affiliate marketing partnerships influencers/content creators receive a fee from the product company. They can get different free goods (but you need to make sure that the products you’re highlighting align with your values). So, be careful: while you want to earn money with an affiliate program, you do not want to damage your reputation by being associated with low-quality products and bad services. The amount of money a blogger can earn from affiliate marketing depends on the number of followers you have; the number of brands you’re working with; the affiliate contract conditions.

6. Partner with brands.

The most well-known way is getting paid by brands, especially when influencers/content creators are starting out. This trend will continue in 2023. Partnerships with brands can take many forms: you might be paid to make a sponsored post that features a specific product or service (a product review Instagram Posts, Instagram Stories, Instagram Guides, integrated TikTok Stories, TikTok Lives, and much more); you can earn money by becoming a brand ambassador (you is getting paid a monthly retainer in exchange for a certain number of posts about the brand or deliverables); you can make money, using giveaways to promote products and brand awareness online or throughout social media platforms; you might be paid also to make different content for the brand’s own use online or on social media. The opportunities here are vast!

7. Sell your content as an art piece.

One more steady source of income for influencers/content creators is using online sales platforms.

Influencers can sell posters, prints, and graphics based on their photography, and offer work as stock videos or even audio content and other artwork. Special stock websites and platforms pay content creators a fee to people who purchase on their sites.

8. Offer guest content.

By creating guest content in 2023 you can reach a new audience with similar interests to your target market and make money. Creating guest content means writing a guest article or making a video for some brands/services/another influencer’s channel or for another website etc.

9. Participate in events.

Influencers/content creators can also earn money by hosting events or doing some appearances. Brands with influencers with similar audiences can team up and build additional hype around events or new product launches and lines. In this way, brands show influencers a brand experience and in-depth insights into how developing a new product works, and influencers earn great money showing this experience to their fans. For instance, several years ago, Pizza Hut restaurant released a new pizza. Instead of just sending bloggers a voucher for a free pizza, the brand invited bloggers on a tour of a Pizza Hut with their chef, took them to a BBQ dinner, and took them to an after-party.

10. Help with creative consulting with another influencer.

To earn some extra money in 2023 as an influencer /content creator you can also provide one-on-one consulting to other creative people. For instance, you can help aspiring bloggers create their own social media strategies, review their portfolio, consult on the visual design of the page in social networks or integrated promotion, etc. The possibilities are endless!

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