How to earn money with + Google AdSense in 2023?


How to earn money with + Google AdSense in 2023? has partnered with Google to allow you to earn money by showing ads on your page.

How can I apply for Google AdSense Access?

Google AdSense is an “invite only” program at this stage. If you received an invitation to participate in the program, the below application form will appear under the “EARN” tab in your profile. + Google AdSense

How to connect AdSense?

To connect Google AdSense you need to do the following:

Step 1. Click on the “Connect AdSense” button + Google AdSense

By clicking on the “Connect AdSense” button you will be redirected to the Google AdSense site where you need to connect an existing AdSense account (in case you already have one) or sign up for a new AdSense account (in case you don’t have one).

>>>>>>>>>You already have an AdSense account (please scroll down if you don’t have an account).

Step 2: Log in to proceed to AdSense. + Google AdSense

Step 3: Add your site URL. This form should be already pre-populated

After you log in to AdSense, you will be automatically redirected to the “Add a new site” window with a pre-populated Site URL. It is typically your profile URL. 

You will see the below form in AdSense: + Google AdSense

>>>>>>>>> You don’t have an AdSense account 

Step 2:  Sign Up for AdSense

You should see the below form: + Google AdSense

Step 3. Please make sure the site is added

The site should be added automatically after the page refresh. If the site is not displayed, please copy and paste your site. Typically, this should be your profile URL. + Google AdSense

If requested, please add site in the below form in AdSense: + Google AdSense + Google AdSense

Step 4. Return back to and add AdSense Publisher ID that you received in AdSense

Every customer of AdSense receives a unique identifier: PublisherID.

PublisherID can be found here: + Google AdSense

You will need to return back to and refresh your page. PublisherID should be added automatically in the following form: + Google AdSense

If PublisherID isn’t added, please copy and paste it.

Step 5: Finalising the setup

After you added an AdSense Publisher ID you finished the setup process. The filled form will look like below: + Google AdSense

You will see a success message from us.

It will take some time to activate Ads on your profile as Google will need to verify. After that Ads will be shown on your profile.

In some cases, Google might reject your AdSense application. You might need to reach out to the AdSense team directly in order to review your application again.

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