5 best ways to monetize your HeyLink.me in 2023


5 best ways to monetize your HeyLink.me in 2023

It’s important to note that HeyLink.me is a great tool to earn money, but you also need to have a good following, an engaging audience, a strong brand and quality content, and a good understanding of how to monetize your HeyLink.me page. 

There are several ways to earn money through HeyLink.me:

Request fast payments for services and goods.

On HeyLink.me you can take payments everywhere you are online! Your audience can pay to request your digital products or services. 

How to set up a payment provider and add a payment form read here.

Collect fan donations and tips.

On HeyLink.me you can collect donations and tips from the people who want to help you grow.

For instance: your offer different digital products to your audience (books, software, photos, curses, etc). Therefore, you can monetize your work by accepting fan donations to support you.

So, your fans use the donation form to reward you for all your creative work.

How to set up a payment provider and add a payment form read here.

Switch on HeyLink.me Earn feature.

HeyLink.me Earn Feature allows anyone to make money on social media hassle-free, effectively, and stable. We are the official Google partner, and this feature allows anyone to earn money by showing ads on the HeyLink.me page. And you will make money whenever someone clicks the ads (especially if your account with good traffic and an engaged audience).

Read more about the Earn feature here.

Share your affiliate link and earn revenue. 

Affiliate link helps content creators earn money for recommending products or service and receive a fee.

Share your affiliate partnership link with an e-commerce brand, on your HeyLink.me page, and if your followers purchase after following that unique link, then you receive a portion of that profits.

Also, by using endless HeyLink.me customization options, you can make your affiliate link more attractive to your audience. 

You can read more about how to create a special link here. 

Give audience access to exclusive content using HeyLink.me. 

For example, using HeyLink.me Video Links you can share with your audience exclusive video content; using HeyLink.me Email Signup form, SMS and Signup by WhatsApp, you can collect data, addresses and phone numbers of your loyal fans and use these to give them unique benefits.

Also, on HeyLink.me you will provide a unique digital asset like images, art, music, collectibles, videos, or anything else using blockchain technology. We are preparing something special for you! So stay tuned!

Sign up for HeyLink.me and start making money with us!

You can always reach out to us team@heylink.me or via live chat if you need any help.


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