5 Tips to Create a HeyLink.me for Instagram


5 Tips to Create a HeyLink.me for Instagram

HeyLink.me is helpful for marketing on Instagram because it helps you, direct users, to multiple different content offerings. So instead of only sharing a link to your website, you can also link to your social channels, your newest TikTok video, or a recent partnership you launched.

When considering leveraging HeyLink.me on Instagram, the main factor to consider is that it helps you drive additional traffic to other high-impact sources. It makes us special – is one unique feature that allows you to enable ads on your heylink.me page and earn $ per click. In partnership with Google Adsense – this feature adds a steady revenue stream to heylinkme users.

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Instagram HeyLink.me Tips:

  • Select relevant names for your links.

You want to use a HeyLink.me to easily send your clients to different websites, so ensuring you name each link in a way that clearly says what it’s linking to increases effectiveness.

  • Only include the most relevant links.

While it may be tempting to have as many links as possible, it’s best to only place the most relevant links on your HeyLink.me page, so users aren’t overwhelmed with options. For instance, if you’re running a new campaign, consider only linking to that one and removing links from older campaigns.

  • Try customization tools.

If you have a HeyLink.me PRO account, use the custom branded tools that will help your users content your HeyLink.me to your brand assets that they already know and recognize. Like custom icons, animated background images, colors, fonts, and much more.

  • Use definitions wisely.

If you use definitions in your HeyLink.me, ensure that you use them wisely so users can clearly understand your links. Ensure that definitions aren’t too long either, or you may lose audience attention.

  • Continuously monitor your HeyLink.me.

Continuously monitor your HeyLink.me profile to ensure it’s up to date with your current business offerings. This means removing irrelevant links that will distract from what you’re hoping to center and monitoring analytics to see if you need to make any changes to your HeyLink/me strategy.

Here are some examples from brands that already use HeyLink.me on Instagram to meet their business needs.

When you’ve added your HeyLink.me to your Instagram profile, be sure to add it to your TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest profiles and anywhere else your audience engages with you, too.

If you have any questions, please contact our customer support team via the live website chat or via team@heylink.me

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