HeyLink.me #StandWithUkraine!


HeyLink.me is a team of Ukrainians — we’re all behind the creation of the service you love. We can’t and won’t stay aside as a full-scale war is taking place on our land.

Social media is a powerful tool for raising awareness, and HeyLink.me is the best place to send your audience to find out more. Here are a few ways you can help and support Ukraine, using HeyLink.me.

  1. Get Support by Way of Donations. The Ecommerce feature currently allows you to:
    – Create Payment form (here you can sell some service for a certain $ amount);
    – Create Donation form (here you can add options and/or allow the donator to enter a custom amount to donate).

Use this feature to support Ukrainians, the army, NGOs. HeyLink.me commerce links have no additional fees. That’s right: receiving donations, tips, or payments for requests or services costs you absolutely nothing.

Learn everything you need to know here.

2. Donate Crypto to Ukraine. Donating crypto can be more transparent, faster, and more cost-effective than donating conventional currencies. Before donating, it’s important to do some research to ensure your donations are going to the right places. If you are sending crypto directly to friends and family in Ukraine – they can set up crypto wallets and exchange crypto addresses with you.

3. Pay for Work. During the war, many professionals turned to tech platforms to work with their clients virtually. A lot of people are using HeyLink.me to take payment for their services. So, you set up commerce links so that your clients can purchase products via your HeyLink.me. Donation-based businesses may prefer to use the commerce links for pay-what-you-can principles.

4. Try New Free Themes to Support Ukraine. We created 2 Free themes for your #heylinkme profiles: “I stand with Ukraine” and “Peace for Ukraine” for you to share your support for Ukraine and demand that your leaders help stop the war. Use them to spread your stance and your message #stopwarinukraine.
The themes are available for everyone. Jump to your dashboard to try them out.

5. Get PRO for Free. We will also enable unlimited PRO access to any charity, organisation, institution who is helping Ukrainians in these difficult times. Please reach out for PRO: team@heylink.me.

If you need some help using HeyLink.me features please reach out to team@heylink.me! And stay tuned!


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