HeyLink.me & NoWaste Ukraine collaboration


Here at HeyLink.me we’re passionate about creating a positive impact on the communities and environment we live in through a variety of good initiatives and collaborations.

Therefore, we teamed up with NoWaste Ukraine to spread the word about the importance of an eco-lifestyle. Together we want to draw attention to eco-related topics (plastic recycling, garbage sorting, responsible consumption) and encourage eco-position.
Our collaboration is a great way to encourage people to consume responsibly and inspire them to communicate openly about the eco problems.

NoWaste Ukraine is a Ukrainian social project that promotes waste recycling and creates real sorting solutions. They create every opportunity to minimize waste generation, recycling, disposal, composting and upcycling. By the way, the team was the first in Ukraine to open a public space for sorting – NoWaste Recycling Station. We have great respect for the work they do!

With NoWaste Ukraine we created 2 new stylish eco themes. Just head to your admin page today to get eco themes on your HeyLink.me. On top of that, you can add animation, backgrounds, fonts, favorite images, and the colors that match your eco style, to your HeyLink.me pages.

HeyLink.me and NoWaste Ukraine.

Together with NoWaste Ukraine, we collected some smart tips on how to be a more eco-friendly brand:

  • Green procurement – source products and services that are produced and supplied in a sustainable fashion;
  • Reduce energy consumption – there are many ways for a business to reduce its amount of energy waste. Try conducting an energy audit;
  • Sustainable packaging – switching to green packaging is better for the environment because it’s made from recycled waste material and requires fewer resources to produce;
  • Consumer incentives – how can your brand incentivize consumers to support green practices?;
  • Build sustainable relationships – partner with like-minded businesses that are committed to environmental responsibility.

We think it’s important to support eco-communities, non-profit organizations, and climate activists. Therefore all authorized eco-organizations get free HeyLink.me PRO.

If you have any questions, please contact our customer support team via the live website chat or via team@heylink.me


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