How to Add Clickable Link in Clubhouse Bio in 2021 Using


How to Add Clickable Link in Clubhouse Bio in 2021 Using

If Instagram is for photos, TikTok is for videos and Twitter is for sharp one-liners, Clubhouse is for audio. It’s a social networking app based on audio-chat where users can listen to conversations, interviews and discussions between interesting people around the world on different topics. Nothing is saved, so if you are enjoying the conversation, don’t leave, because you won’t be able to play it back.

It’s a quite simple app, but that one feels perfect for right now in 2021.

The app focuses on networking and business, so it can be a perfect way to grow your profile, build a community and show off your expertise in a specific sphere. But don’t forget – Clubhouse is invite-only — so to get in, you’ll need a friend to refer you:).

For now, Clubhouse only lets users link to their Instagram or Twitter profiles. So to direct your audience to all of your social accounts, website or blog – simply add your in your bio. With you can connect all your accounts and tell your story just in one link.

The first two lines of your Clubhouse bio are what people see when they search through, so you can add your at the top to make it stand out. Super easy!

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