How to Set Up the “Email Signup” Button?


You can add the “Email Signup” field to your page, so your visitors can easily signup.

This field is represented as a button, that looks like your other links. When your visitors click on it, it turns into an email input field

To set up the “Email Signup” field you should follow next steps:

  1. Login to your dashboard
  2. Click on the “Signups” tab
  3. Click the toggle to enable

Then you can see the “Button Text & Success Message” block. Change the text of the “Email Signup” button and text of the success message that is displayed after a visitor has just subscribed on your

Choose the bottom or top position of your “Email Signup” button

You can add the “By submitting your email address you’re agreeing to be communicated with by” info message that appears on your public page after clicking on the “Email Signup” button. Just click the toggle to enable in the “Terms & Conditions (optional)” block

If you want add terms and conditions, paste the URL to the “T&Cs URL” field. You have the possibility to change the text of the label in the “Label” field

By clicking the toggle in the “Appearance” block you can customize your “Email Signup” button. Change the button, button border, button text, success message or success message text colors.

Here is another one useful section – “HEYLINK.ME SIGNUP STORAGE”. You can see all the emails which are subscribed on your On the FREE plan only 3 subscribers are shown in this section. All subscribers are available on the PRO plan. You can also export your subscribers to the CSV file

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