How to Set Up Your “Brand” and Engage Your Audience With


How to Set Up Your “Brand” and Engage Your Audience With

As more and more new users are joining to, so we’ve put together list of tips on how to help set up your ‘brand’ and engage audience. No matter the size of your following. users

Choose a palette and background image/theme that represents you/your brand. Use different visual elements, that really well to draw your user’s attention to you or your brand, that’s the most important thing. Explore our collection of free and paid themes to find the right look and feel for your store. With our PRO plan you’ll unlock tons of premium themes and advanced customization options that let you modify headers, buttons, fonts, and backgrounds. You can always change the design of your page in the “Appearance” tab.

Use social icons to ensure that your audience grows on every platform. For instance, it’s really helpful to have your TikTok icon included because a visitor may stumble across your from Google or may be linked to it by a friend – that way you can still get them to discover you.

Use a range of links. Do you have a Whatsapp group, an Amazon shop, a newsletter or booking form? An ‘About’ page to your website? Link to them all:) With you might chose to include your Linkedin, SoundCloud, Telegram contact number, Patreon, SnapChat, Twitch or Pinterest url, and much more.

Think about the way you describe your links. What is going to make someone click your link? Every link is must be clearly labelled so that the visitor knows where they’re headed. For example, you can either be direct, “Get your discount here”, very useful “Five steps to the perfect makeup” and etc. Also, you can either clean up your by disabling or deleting under-performing links, or reshuffle their order with drag and drop. By the way, you can also add animation to your buttons! 

Use priority links. It helps you to draw attention to the thing that matters most to you. It means your content efforts will be rewarded.

Try now! Also, explore our Pinterest to meet a lot of inspirational pages for product sellers, influencers&creators, brands&agencies and more. Find inspiration, discover styles, and build the perfect look for your own brand.

If you need some help using features please reach out to! We want to hear from you! users


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