June release notes


June release notes!

June brings some fantastic updates to HeyLink.me! 🚀  Check out the latest release notes to see what’s new and elevate your online presence with HeyLink.me:

Local Payment Methods Expansion. For Vietnam, we’ve integrated VNPT Pay and ZaloPay, enabling seamless transactions using these widely used services. In Thailand, we’ve added WeChat PayLINE PayShopeepay, and Truemoney to our payment options, providing a variety of choices that cater to local preferences and improve user convenience.

Enhanced Customization with Signup Thumbnails. To offer a more tailored and visually appealing signup process, we have introduced the ability to set a custom thumbnail for each signup form. Whether it’s a logo, a teaser image, or any other graphic, users can now make their first interaction with visitors uniquely theirs.

New Footer Link Feature. Users can now include pop-up information or direct links to existing websites within the footer. This is particularly useful for linking directly to comprehensive documents like “Terms & Conditions” or “Privacy Policy”.

Contact Information Display Improvements. The new layout focuses on better clarity and presentation, making it easier for visitors to understand and act upon the information provided.

If you need some help using HeyLink.me features please reach out toteam@heylink.me! And stay tuned!


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