March updates!

422 is thrilled to announce our latest updates and enhancements for March! Here’s what’s new:

Enhancements for Themes functionality. We’ve made significant improvements to our Themes functionality, streamlining the user experience to be more intuitive and fluid.

March updates to our Themes functionality,

Introducing the CloudFest 2024 theme! We’re excited to unveil our latest addition, inspired by CloudFest, the premier global event for internet infrastructure. This distinctive theme is now open to all users, offering a unique opportunity to infuse your page with the essence of CloudFest.

March updates CloudFest 2024 theme!
Image CloudFest 2024 theme!

Enhancements for Custom Domains! We’ve taken steps to refine and improve the Custom Domain feature, prioritizing an elevated user experience. Through these enhancements, managing custom domains becomes even more seamless and user-friendly, offering greater ease and flexibility.

Introduced a fresh addition to our Social Network lineup! Users now have the ability to share their ArtStation and XING profiles, expanding their networking opportunities and showcasing their talents and professional endeavors across platforms.

Keep your eyes peeled for an array of thrilling updates and features on the horizon. We sincerely appreciate your decision to entrust with all your link management requirements! 🔗


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