How to add a GoFundMe Link


How to add a GoFundMe Link?

At, we recognize the importance of fundraising and supporting causes close to our creators’ hearts. To facilitate this, we’ve introduced a feature – GoFundMe links. This handy detection feature empowers our users to effortlessly incorporate and showcase their GoFundMe fundraiser pages directly on their, making it simpler for them to raise funds and promote causes that hold significance to them.


  1. In your Admin, hit the + Add Advanced Links button.
  2. Give your link a Title.
  3. Copy/paste the GoFundMe URL into the URL field below your title.
  4. A new GoFundMe thumbnail will appear below your URL.
  5. Choose how to display your link by selecting either Display a preview on your or link off to GoFundMe.

After inserting your GoFundMe link, the outcome for your visitors will vary based on the choice you’ve made in the Admin. They will either be directed straight to your GoFundMe page or they can choose to click on the “Donate now” option within the GoFundMe link visible on your

Feel free to reach out if you require any assistance or have questions about the features offered by

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