Snapchat arrives on the web: how you can use your bio link


Snapchat arrives on the web: how you can use your bio link. is a perfect place to link your audience to the different social platforms you have a presence on. For example, Snapchat. Use to share your Snapchat link with your audience, gain followers faster, and provide content. We also recommend choosing it because it:

  • has various cool templates and designs (сhoose style, fonts, сollor buttons. You can create different links without special design skills;
  • has a variety of elements to add to your page. These are both text and media files, business tools, such as price lists and address forms, and much more.
  • is designed to be used on mobile devices. It makes creating web pages from smartphones convenient. Plus, the pages created in will instantly load on the users’ smartphones when they open them and much more.

Here is a short guide on how to add Snapchat to your

  • Log in to your Admin;
  • Choose the “Social Links” tab;
  • Select “Snapchat” from the list of services, copy your Snapchat URL and add it to the Snapchat URL section, and click on the “Add Snapchat” button;
  • Then you can customize your Snapchat link as you wish.

Small tip: when you add a Snapchat link to your “link in bio” profile, put the page in your Instagram bio. This will bring more followers too. Snapchat

If you have any questions, write to or via live chat – we will make sure to reply!



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