How to Add Music Links on in 2022? Enhance Music Sharing Experience


Now you can share your favorite music with friends all over the world with a single link. is very convenient to use to promote your music. Whether it’s showcasing tour dates with unlimited links, or selling tickets and merchandise. It is also very convenient to share new releases and build connections with your audience. Therefore, we have provided a solution for both music lovers and musicians: Music Links. With one link you can share your favorite tracks or your music.

This feature of provides a place where you can store, view, and play the music track. Using content matching technology, Music Links automatically finds the same song or album on streaming services and shows visitors where to listen to them.

Music Link displays multiple streaming options, allowing the listener to play them on their preferred service. So, if you don’t use Spotify, you can switch to Deezer.

Music Links is compatible with all of these leading streaming services: Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, Audiomack, VEVO, Tidal, Record Shop X, KK BOX, CD Baby Store, 7 Digital, JOOX, BOOM, Spotify, Deezer, YouTube, Pandora, SoundCloud, Napster, Bandcamp, JB HI FI, EMP, Nuclear Blast, JPC, Yandex Music, Playlist Register, iHeart, VK Music. The streaming services are shown to your visitors depending on which platform your music is available on and in which country they are located. You can also customize the list in a specific order.

You have the option to customize the appearance of the music link on your page.

First, copy the link to the song or album from the platform of your choice.

Then go to the Links page on, then Music Link and add a new link. You can change the title of the track or album, edit the link if you wish, delete or add an additional music service.

Also, you and your visitors will see the cover art for the individual song or album and an audio preview for the visitors. Your visitors will also be able to see all the streaming services available for that music.

Let’s take a look at some of the great music profiles out there.

If you need some help using features please reach out to! And stay tuned!


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