Benefits of Using QR Code!


Benefits of Using QR Code!

Nowadays QR codes played a major role in aiding businesses and influencers. Especially during the pandemic and also in the post-COVID world. has also provided a QR code that can handle the people’s need to easily access the influencers’ and businesses’ social media links.

QR Code!

QR code benefits different businesses.

QR codes are the best solution for service businesses (restaurants, cafes, hotels, etc.). They find useful and unique ways to leverage QR codes as a tool for their guests. They can easily y scan a QR code to browse the menu, order, and pay.

Other benefits of using QR codes by service businesses include:

  • Increase safety: QR codes allow limit unnecessary contact to keep staff and customers safe;
  • Enhance hospitality: Using QR codes employees spend less time transacting, and more time fulfilling orders or connecting with customers;
  • Raise efficiency: With QR codes you can serve more guests quickly and accurately;
  • Drive customer loyalty: QR codes allow gather customer data on each order and tailor marketing campaigns to keep guests coming back.

The art world (museums, galleries) successfully implement codes in their activities. The use of QR codes has a range of important benefits: helping provide accessibility for those who may have learning disabilities or physical limitations, as well as attracting a diverse audience. Generally, it’s an intuitive way to promote and monetize art.

A lot of online payment platforms (like PayPal) rapidly responded to the need for touch-free transactions by implementing QR codes into their software.

Also, QR codes can create a direct line of access for brands to reach consumers through marketing and promotions.

QR code benefits for influencers and creators.

Creators and influencers can access and download QR codes to:

  • Share your QR codes on different products (their merch, sticker);
  • Easily give your audience access to your content across all platforms;
  • Connect with potential partners without using business cards;
  • Visually share your profile through posts;
  • Improve tracking and analytics for non-digital advertising and much more.

Benefits of using a QR code (a free feature).
Here are 4 benefits that every user can get for using them:

  • Cost-efficient. Of all wireless technological tools that you can use today, QR code is deemed as one of the cheapest tools that you can use out there.
  • Can be placed anywhere. Whether on print or digital platforms, you can easily place QR code in any location.
  • Easy to access. As scanning QR code is as easy as pointing to your smartphone’s dedicated camera on the code, people can easily open your links without the need of typing the main link in their browsers.
  • Trackable. With the use of a QR code, you can track the number of devices that scan the code, its scan location, timeline of the scans made, and device operating system.

Where do you find and download your QR code?

  • Log into your;
  • Go to “Appearance” in admin and scroll down to find QR code section;
  • Select your QR Code;
  • Hit “Download QR Code”, this will download your QR code as a .png file;
  • Start sharing!

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