New features you’ve been waiting for!


New features you’ve been waiting for!

Some cool updates are here! 

Crypto Links.

We’ve added a new type of link to the Links section – Crypto.

Crypto Links.

Registration form on Logo click on the user page.

On the user’s public page, there is our logo at the bottom. Previously, on a click, there was just a transition to the main page. The registration form now opens, where you can quickly register.

Crypto Links.

Portuguese Ukrainian and the Russian language on the public website, registration, and login pages.

We have got a lot of users from Brazil, Ukraine, and Russia, so we’ve translated all the important information for them.

Crypto Links.

Registration improvements.

Now user logged in to Dashboard right after successful registration (no need to log in manually).

Login/register with Facebook.

Now you can register and log into your account not only using Google but also using Facebook.

Registration improvements.

UTM Campaign tag for PRO accounts.

Now PRO accounts can install the UTM Campaign tag.

UTM Campaign tag

Video links.

Users can add video playback directly on the page without going to the video page. If they have added a link that our system has identified as a video (Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok).

UTM Campaign tag
UTM Campaign tag

Improved verification flow.

We have simplified user verification. Now, after registration, you can immediately go to the Dashboard and see how everything works.

Google AdSense AFP for Earn feature. has partnered with Google to allow you to earn money by showing ads on your page.

Google AdSense Premium is an “invite only” program at this stage. Payment for PRO Account.

Now users can pay for their PRO Account using the service.

UTM Campaign tag

Username suggestions on signup form.

Now, during registration, if a user enters an existing username, we not only display an error but also offer 3-4 replacement options to choose from.


If you have feature requests and ideas that you think would improve how you use, we are ready to listen. Please contact our customer support team via this form, or emailing


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