Product Update: Unsubscribe & Resubscribe features, Telegram and Sensitive Material Functionality


Some cool updates are here! Introducing new Unsubscribe & Resubscribe features, Telegram social link and Sensitive Material functionality. 

  1. Unsubscribe & Resubscribe features.

Now users will receive emails with an “Unsubscribe” link. If the user unsubscribed incidentally – he can resubscribe immediately on the same page.

  1. Telegram social link.

A lot of people use Telegram as a way to stay in touch and also do business. It’s a great way for your followers/customers to contact you. Now you can easily add your Telegram to your with the following steps:

1.Log in to admin;

2.Click on the “Social links” tab;

3.Put your Username to the “Telegram” section.

  1. Sensitive Material functionality.

Ensure the privacy, security and compliance of your content with Sensitive Material functionality. Now the user can set the “Sensitive Material” options in Dashboard and visitors will be forced to approve that they are eligible to see the page. 

Check this new product updates in your profile!

Want more features? Tell us!

If you like anything to be added – please let us know via the live website chat or via We love feedback and adding new features!


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