How 5 Brands are Using to Sell on Instagram


How 5 Brands are Using to Sell on Instagram

It’s been several months since first launching our We’ve created as an advanced tool that allows you to create an unlimited number of links, to choose from different customization features, to integrate with ecommerce or lead generation solutions, and get detailed social analytics. Our mission is to help brands sell more online, add value to our clients and make their business life easier!

The team has been extremely lucky in being able to meet and work with some great brands (from different countries and industries).

So, let’s take a look at 5 great customers that have used it: 

  1. iLike Agency. This is the leading media and talent management agencies in Egypt. When you watch their social media pages, you’re met with a feed of highly interesting content!

They have switched all their business accounts to The links are all housed in a single location, so it’s easy for their followers to find exactly what they’re looking for. 

Check out here

  1. Bags & more by Katya Komarova. Designer Katya Komarova has already made a name for itself – and it’s easy to see why! Her brand has a beautiful aesthetic, cool products (stylish and natural bags), and a unique value proposition. 

They usually include a great, short description of the product, and a call-to-action that inspires followers to click the link in their bio. The moment you land on the brand page, you can read a blog post, click through to their homepage, or browse their products. 

Here is feedback from the brand owner: “I love the simplicity and functionality of And, obviously, it’s very affordable and completely free, to be exact:). It’s easy to change links on the go. Very happy with it. Thank you for the great product”.

Check out here

  1. Jaha.u. The clothing store Jaha.u has built a big and loyal audience around their content, which they promote on Instagram. 

The brand uses to sell products directly on their page. This makes it really easy for their followers to shop their products.

Check out here

  1. Queen’s Chips. Cool Turkish restaurant, they’re so good at taking product-focused posts with short captions. When someone clicks-through to their page – they can watch locations, read a menu, or fill a franchise form.

Check out here

  1. By Halliday Managment. They encourage and provide support to creators and up and coming influencers that are wanting to advance their social media platforms and need assistance and guidance on how to do so. 

Just look at their feed! Their feed through is a showreel for everything Halliday Managment stands for: style, beauty, power of influence. They use to drive traffic back to their website.

Check out here

We hope that this blogpost gives you inspiration you need to create your own page and sell on Instagram!

Join the great brands that love right now!


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