What are the Benefits for Influencers of Using HeyLink.me?


What are the Benefits for Influencers of Using HeyLink.me?

Persollo team realised a new tool HeyLink.me – now you can create a unique URL to house multiple links to pages of your products and services, special offers, instant messengers, social accounts for FREE!

By the way, there are a plethora of benefits of using HeyLink.me if you are an influencer. Here’s a quick recap about some of them!

Join HeyLink.me!

Full customization of your own brand.

With HeyLink.me you can flex the full range of customization features for your personal brand:

  • Upload a custom avatar that represents you.
  • Select a preset theme – pick from the range of 12+ themes;
  • Create your unique theme (you can add special buttons shapes, your own background image, and font styles).

Get creative!

Full customization

Running multiple campaigns at any one time.

As influencer, you’ve likely got a lot of various content objectives at any one time. You need to push your brand sponsored content and ad work, you’ve got affiliate products and also your organic content. Using HeyLink.me showcases your diverse range of content, and allows you to manage your content (recent video or social post) and links of instant messengers, social accounts, personal website or even store in one place, makes it easy for your followers to find what they’re looking for. Notice that there is no limit on the number of links.

Full customization
Full customization

Detailed traffic analytics data that you can show to brands.

HeyLink.me allows you to see analytics from last week to the last 6 month.

You get valuable information about:

  • Views – it means how many times your page opened;
  • Clicks – it means how many times your links clicked;
  • CTR (Click-through rate) could be > 100%, because links could be more then 1, but page is only 1. So, i.e. page viewed 10 times and links clicked 20 times, CTR = (20 / 10) * 100 = 200%;
  • Unique visitors – it means how many views with a unique IP address.

Using HeyLink.me you got these data that presented to you on clear charts.

HeyLink.me analytics

So, use HeyLink.me to draw attention to the thing that matters most to you. And your influence efforts will be rewarded.

Also, lots of top new features are in the making! Stay tuned! 🙌

Some examples of great heylinks in action

Inspired? Take a go at creating your own HeyLink.me – there is no charge on our FREE subscription! Then show us your work over on Instagram too.


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