How to Create Fantastically Clickable Links


How should you create your links for more clicks? 

Recently one of our clients literally showered us with questions about how to create fantastically clickable links. We’re here to help! So, here are some tips we formulated and ready to share with you.

 Let’s take a look!

Fantastically Clickable Links
  1. Always link to valuable content. Always ask yourself “Does this link offer the audience value?”. Does it help offer a great deal, or educate or entertain? Keep that value at the forefront of your mind when you create your links. This will help you stay focused on what your content offers the followers. Because the more value you offer, the more appealing it’s going to be to your fans.
  1. Make it audience-centric. Think about what your audience wants to do and then write back to them. Because people react better to things which are super-relevant to them. Make sure your link text accurately describes where the link is going so as not to confuse subscribers.
  1. Get experimental. With you can get helpful statistics that provide an overview of your open and click for each of your links. So use them to understand how your links are working. Study what the link in it says in the most-visited link. Try something different and see how that affects your analytics. And don’t hesitate to ask for feedback from the community on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn and discover the best heylinks.
  1. Choose design for your links. Choose the color, font, and size for your links, keep it consistent. Using different colors and styles for your links will confuse your readers.You’ll want to make sure that your links match the colors of your brand. Also, use images or buttons for important calls-to-action.

With, you don’t have to worry too much about your design! offers advanced customization features so you can include brand logos, images, different buttons (like create a call to action), and background colors on your page.

Hope you found our advice useful and implement it in your business strategy! Feel free to ask us anything via and create your here.

Learn How to Create Fantastically Clickable Links and let’s meet some users doing it their way.


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